SOMETHING Is Moving Over California Skies 1/30/17

Moon coords: 23°24’12.01″N, 18°17’4.14″W
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  1. Mike Weakley on

    Hobby made scale model, drone! I see them sold on drone craft to assemblage ufos, hate to rain on your parade, but that’s the scoop! I’m a believer in ufos but this is what it is my friend…..

  2. Jeff Cruser on

    it really really looks like the nasa x 43 but that is a hypersonic scramjet and must be moving at a really high rate of speed before its engine will work still looks very similar to me

  3. E MAIL on

    People like you are hilarious. Tyler it’s well known that the military are building and testing aircraft that have designs never seen before
    Roll another joint dude

  4. JAY MIDDY on

    The reason ancient jews started circumscision was because aliens demanded the foreskins of all male children. The UFO was over Israel picking up a new batch. They make a foreskin stew out of it. You ever wonder where the millions of foreskins go each year?

  5. Benjamin Lucas on

    +secureteam10 now that you see the direction the vehicle is going you should scope out the landscape in that direction.. shortest distance from point A to point B is what?

  6. Peasycheese Gaming on

    No one mentioning that the first sighting looks like a US AF stealth bomber? Probably is one considering they are made and tested in the neighboring state

  7. Allyson14 Chase on

    Just to let you know, not sure if you saw them, right when you pan the images at 13:52 there is an object and 14:14/14:15 (and say “There’s two”) you see another object to your upper right hand corner of the screen. As your are panning towards the < left. Not sure if you saw those.

  8. Yen Nguyen on

    I live in Sacramento California and I remember a year ago, I got off from work one summer evening (very beautiful orange summer evening!) and as a I was driving home on the freeway, I saw so many lights flying around in the distant skies. I counted and there was at least 7-8 and that’s very unusual as I never seen that amount at all gathered together before. But I brushed it off from my mind thinking perhaps it was just helicopters going after a car chase or something. The only strange thing was that how fast it was going but since I don’t know much about aviation, I didn’t think much of it. As I approached my neighborhood, I started hearing a loud industrial noise in the orange/red sky around me. It sounded like… Some type of machine that is constantly on. Not like a helicopter or plane. Just a weird unrecognizable industrial noise. There was no indication of where the noise came from, just somewhere in the sky and I did not see anything. I scrolled my car window down and drove slower through the neighborhood and still did not figure out where the noise was coming from. But just then I see something HUGE flying above my car in the corner of my eye; it was black, looked flat and flying very low and I immediately stopped my car. I can still hear the noise and my own thoughts telling myself to stop the car and look up. I did stop the car but for some reason, I didn’t go out of my car. I just sat there and waited till the noise subsided. To this day, I still think about what happened and I wonder why I didn’t just get out of the car to see what the object was. Ironically, no one was also present outside on the streets in my neighborhood that day so I was not able to verify if what happened really did happen…. Just thought I’d share this story.

  9. Walter Smeg on

    Maybe they’ve had a look and said,my goodness me,they just love killing anything,even themselves,,send a warning
    No aliens would come to this cesspit of hatred..they’re probably too intelligent to deal with the Neanderthal people on this planet,,

  10. Anthony Hughes on

    The tracks on the moon and the craters are from us. we did that and had secret missions. We had a gigantic surface to space war millions of years ago. and got obliterated. The objects who visit us do so to watch over us and to make sure the same mistakes don’t happen again. they interfere in our rocket tests/launches, they protect our skies from wayward meteors, asteroids and place them in Saturn’s orbit at the earliest opportunity. They divert desructive objects away from civilian subcenters.and look in on the Volcanoes. Tsunamis are the hardest to deal with but Volcanoes just sit there. they’re probably in amongst us to listen in and watch us. they indoctrinated us to have belief in God and value life. to not just create technology like before and use it against them. they probably provided us with the technology to be able to get to space and beyond. but we blew it. maybe our ancient ancestors who didn’t cause intergalactic wars are the ones who visit. or maybe it’s just us from the future as interdimentional travellers. But whether my imagination is anywhere near the truth or not I’ll keep believing in the Paranormal and Aliens.

  11. white movement on

    Why would they try to flash the camera light at it? It’s way too far for it to be lighted.
    This may be a military craft. I have seen a UFO and it had its own light source and was way too fast. That’s how you’re sure they’re UFOs. When they move way too fast for any human craft and especially when they describe 90º turns without decelerating. the object didn’t brighten up instantaneously; it approached the camera at high speed, almost instantaneously from a far, giving it the impression that it had brighten up, but it didn’t. It maintained the same light level. It just approached very fast.

  12. Darrell W Roper on

    Sorry I forgot to cover my tracks. Just wanted some alone time on the moon didn’t think Google Earth would rat me out.

  13. Chris Bushnall on

    Any unidentified flying object is a UFO, if a UFO landed in a field people will say Omg it’s a aeroplane/helicopter hybrid with Mexicans coming out of it, or OMG it’s not a UFO it’s a flying saucer with bong eyed aliens ready to do business with the leader . I see many UFO’s every day and night before I realise it’s Bob the farmer in his helicopter.

  14. José Berrios-Mercado on

    remember starbuck island… Google Earth. 5 miles across 2.5 miles from north to south. very similar with an anomalous craft like sitting at the end of the tracks.. Has there been any contact with aliens/cousins resembling us??

  15. Hawstack Calhoun on

    It is space aliens coming back with the Liberals they captured. These aliens now believe there is no intelligent life on this planet

  16. brent p on

    I have a theory. What if aliens are searching for a new home? What if their sun became a black hole or a red giant or a super nova or MABYE a gamaray burst destroyed their plet and their just non-hostile figures searching for a new home 🙂 so MABYE just maybe so yeah well that’s my thorny and omg yesterday in Mexico thier were UFOs omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg well yeah. Subscribe to my channel DatcharmanderTHO pls so yeah that’s my theory! ??????????????????

  17. GorillaKings on

    LISTEN! I live in california and ive seen so much weird shit in the sky im used to it and me and my girl dont even record anymore just watch to see what they do next

  18. silvermint45 on

    I’m pretty sure i saw something like the Mexico object here in Ireland, I was driveing at the time so sorryno pictures.

  19. Teresa Jose on

    Tyler I can’t find this location on google earth. I downloaded the app and typed in the coordinates but it goes to the ocean?! I downloaded a moon app to see if I could find it on this but I can’t. Please help, I’ve googled what I might be doing wrong but nothing’s helping. I really want to see these tracks and strange vehicle.

  20. James Meritt on

    Sorta funny, but a few decades ago there was a rash of UFO sightings in California.  A guy did a sketch of what he saw.  That sketch appeared in the newspaper, and I recognized the structure of an external combustion scramjet engine – I had attended a conference on them that same day!

  21. Timefor Change on

    looks like a F-117 to me.
    I don’t buy his reason for not getting night video the p-900 has moon mode night video settings.
    I live by nellis afb I have over 30 yrs and again it looks like a f-117

  22. Douglas Adams on

    I spend a lot of time outside and at nite…Never have seen anything that makes me believe there are UFO”s or aliens.Every picture of UFO”s is always blurred so bad you can’t tell what it is…Kinda like big foot pictures….All I can say is what ever your smoking it must be some gooooooood stuff.Do you grow it yourself or get it in Coloardo ???Let us know….

  23. Snupe on

    jw why the moon looks like its been “blured” or cut off? as were ur looking on the image google map then right under it its lined and greyed all the way out I jus went on google maps looked at a part and it shows a black shadowey figure thing sticking out of the the grey but its all greyed out rest of that area

  24. Todd P. on

    There is clearly an object with a ring of light around the middle at 7:51 which then turns on a bright light that completely engulfs it. Were it only an orb of light, I would suspect something demonic, but this looks like a solid craft with a VERY bright light. UFO.

  25. Los Angeles Master Plumbers on

    Tyler this is what we saw in West hills CA. I sent you pictures. I have video on cell phones my phone and my friend. please show me how to send to you.

  26. Timothy Hazlett on

    ok i can agree that the “tracks” are odd, but there IS a problem with these “tracks” and this object, if you look there is obviously a space between those tracks and the object that is supposed to have left them, now im not saying anything because well i dont know for sure, im just saying if those are tracks left by something, they would have been connected to that object


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