NASA Caught Off Guard! The New UFO Coverup Exposed 4/4/17

Nasa Q&A video:
Valentich case:
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  1. Luis Galaz on

    Well if they’re small UFOs they most likely are drones. Alien drones. Like are you assuming all UFOs are piloted? Like as humans we have the predator drones. These are advanced being. We should assume all they send are drones as we send our rovers and satellites everywhere. Like why would they risk crashing and getting caught

  2. big dog on

    you can tell the Captain is lying he is blinking fast when he talks and looking to the left which signals signs of deception. aka. lies.

  3. no name on

    what if “space” have “countries” and we are like “cuba”. We live without the right of be on other country.

  4. Garrett Seymour on

    You think they would at least tell the airports hey we have drones testing around your flight patterns so don’t freak out but no you get this bull crap answer from them.

  5. Sean Whittle on

    Proud of the young fella’. Ask the hard questions and demand the truth. But that aside… what is the nature of the swamp gas drone at 15:43? That is not a reflection as the recorder made sure of. So, how is this not a topic. Or did I miss that discussion? Erik Coulombe stated 2 weeks ago, ‘UFO sightings are getting to the point that it seems as if we are all seeing them all the time’.

  6. Aidan O'connell on

    There is also a memo on Peggy’s right shoulder. My guess is that it gives the pre designed answer to such questions. Maybe you can zoom in and read it ?

  7. Gary A. DePietro on

    An “interesting” Google search key for yawl…. regarding JPL/NASAs past….
    Aleister Crowley+Jack Parsons+L Ron Hubbard

    and of our old favorite
    Operation Paperclip

  8. EccaLunar Eccalyptus on

    Looks like NASA cut out the part where the kid asks that question about any “secret projects” I looked through the original video and it’s not there at all. How strange…..

  9. Daniel .Reid on

    What does this have to do with UFOs? They look shifty because they are not in space! Answer some real questions NASA!

  10. Cosmic Velociraptor on

    Pause at 2:10, look at the centre of the video. Tilt your head clockwise 90 degrees and focus your eyes 1 metre behind your computer screen. If done correctly you can clearly see the woman’s face morphing in and out of reptilian state. Also take 5 hits of acid before doing this.

  11. Jamal Khurshid on

    I think you have too much free time. what exactly are they trying to hide from you? ALIENS?

    with the advancement of phone and camera there still is no video of a UFO that is not bloody grainy. or totally out of focus.

  12. Rod Palm on

    Is there a single American in that class? Just one? Nope there isn’t. Looks to me like We The People are now paying for the education of the entire country of Mexico. Absolutely disgraceful.

  13. UnknownUnrest on

    Great channel …I am addicted to the content you bring up…I am also a light sleeper,late nights scary topic and mystery is all the fun..Keep up the great work Tyler..The US air force identification chart lol…


    good job kid! look at the old lady that looks away? Why did she look away? The child should have the lump on his neck checked out.. soon! mom

  15. mark harrison on

    Why does the space station look like a 13 year old kids room ? Crap every where . And every thing looks like its on cheap Walmart stands ?

  16. nuttP on

    It’s funny because before you say anything about the video all you’re staring at is this awkward lady’s so obvious nervous twitch that it’stands out like a literal elephant in the room you can’t take your eyes off her. Not even for a split second did i look at the dude while he was talking and it’s elementary school just so they can say they did a live questionnaire for anyone to ask anything.

  17. kisstantari on

    O.K. Her body language clearly spoke volume’s. Let’s set aside an preconceived notions or confirmation bias and just look at the facts as we know them. The experimental craft the (x-37b was it?) that has spent 2 tours of 700 days in space. You cant tell me they we’re not made aware of this craft, even if they knew not of it’s mission. Thus to say they knew nothing of any “secret mission’s” was a bold faced lie. Then again the poor kid set himself up. He basically asked “do you know anything you cant tell me?”

  18. Jitendra Shah on

    If want save hindu culture all hindu should study what Hinduism is and try in depth about Hinduism and teach to new generations, merely wrong about other religious is Pakistan job and work this habituated has reached the. To position they are, their this attitude will destroy them. As they could not collect any good from other religions, they are rag pickers.

  19. Carl Mac on

    I wish some kid who’s dad or mother watches these videos asks them point blank have any astronauts on board the ISS seen any UFO’s and video taped any ?

  20. Ashton Kee on

    Doing a great job fighting off these attempts to discredit UFOLOGISTS and simple folks who want nothing more than to share what they witnessed in person and the right to the truth.

  21. idontgotnothin on

    If its top secret they cant tell us. Its that simple. We dont need a 20 minute video breakdown of why they said this. What kind of answer to that question do you think your going to get? “Yes kid, lots of top secret stuff going on up here. Since your so cute let me just tell you all about it.” There’s life outside our planet. Cool. Get over it.

  22. Janine Busald on

    Great work, as always. Are you aware of the new term for ‘UFO’ that the government has introduced to confuse FOIA request searches? It’s ‘UAP’ – Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon. Hillary Clinton gave it away when she was on Jimmy Kimmel and used the full term, Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon. Oh, how our government (& military) love their acronyms!

  23. Ciggy Space on

    Don’t lose your head dude. Remember they’re kids. NASA is passionate about inspiring all ages of people to become scientifically curious, and they’re executing a genius way of doing so. Also, don’t jump to conclusions about who’s making a ‘condescending’ smile, who’s being ‘deceitful’, who’s looking to the side because they’re lying, ect. I’m not arguing against your video, just be careful about the propaganda you might be stirring up.

  24. Ciggy Space on

    Surely you’ve pondered the idea that the the sudden availability of drones, and then the explosion of popularity coming towards your channels, could be connected right?

  25. Jeff Sol on

    you better believe the kid got reprimanded by the adults afterward. Teacher probably asked why he asked such a question. Parents probably “talked” to the kid when at home.

  26. Sirzechs Gr on

    Them changing from ufo to drone shows that not even in the future do they intend to let us know the truth…
    Sad world and no wonder people are turning away from it

  27. Phil Anderson on

    Total believer, but just to play devils advocate here; It looks as if she may have just been tickled by such a question from such an innocent source. And as for her looking to the side, it looks as if she’s referring to that paper taped to the wall beside her as if there was some sort of pre approved questions they were expecting. So she was either checking to see the question there or who was asking it or checking to see that it wasn’t there, because she actually was caught off guard by a unapproved question that slipped through.

  28. Aaron Duran on

    She’s clearly looking at the note on the wall to maybe remember what they’re supposed to answer when questions like that one come up… It’d be great if someone could zoom it in good enough to read what it says


    I understand that they are not in space we can only go up LOW Orbit, and do you investigate the Flat Earth ??

  30. Matt Perkins on

    unmanned doesn’t mean unidentified. the word drone has been used to describe UAVs since their creation, just because they use the word drone, doesn’t mean they are the drones you see your neighbor spying on your mom with

  31. tappedout300xc on

    The nervous reaction from the female astronaut is the most noticeable . She is about ready to squeeze her fingers off . She doesn’t want to make eye contact with the camera so she looks at the paper on the wall . Wonder what is on that piece of paper . Definitely some interesting body language to that kids question .

  32. Noevilea on

    That footage you showed of the Phoenix Lights was of the 10pm sighting and is flares.
    All available footage is of that sighting and not from the 8pm sighting.
    This is just another bit of footage used to rubbish the earlier sighting which was not flares.

  33. pied piper on

    lets not break it down…nothing to see here move along…i cant take ANY ufo/alien/flatearth/dome type video seriously,all highly speculative and what if BS..get some hardcore evidence before posting shite,id like to believe (i believe there are such things as “aliens”,has to be,but are they visiting and in contact with the powers that be????who knows,i dont and neither does anybody else with a shitty youtube channel)..

  34. Bobby Bellingham on

    They are actors. Do they look like they have the right stuff??? All of the astronauts seem to be in their 50’s these days. They are actors. Show us some pics of earth from the space station………..We may have agencies and high tech and may be travelling through the universe already………but NASA isn’t involved. NASA is a smoke screen and disinfo agency.

  35. JessEGames on

    i just had to watch the first clip of the astronauts and i don’t think they’re actually on the space station. the background looks flat and the lighting doesnt match
    and the close up of the woman shows the background glitch next to her right ear
    and when the male astronaut turns upside down you can see his facial fat being pulled down which in no gravity wouldn’t happen

  36. perversewits on

    What I find crazy is the wireless microphone they have on the space station seems like something you get off game show this is NASA wouldn’t they have wireless ear microphone like Bluetooth Mic. So when they where picking items to put on space station somebody said bring the game show Mic ? Seems fishy to me

  37. ThatSweetGamer on

    4:40 She’s looking at a piece of paper on the wall, probably the schedule for the QA or something..

  38. Tank Abott on

    This Kid is reading the question not asking it ..Its obvious that the question was asked by someone else.

  39. Lois Ray McInnis on

    There is a book called:  SOMEONE ELSE IS ON THE MOON.  It was written in 1947 by a scientist who studied pictures.  This book showed flying saucers; white crosses at each crater; steam coming out of the craters; ladders at each crater; excavation going on; a huge, huge dome; ad get this, the Fleur Deli.

  40. Bob Wiercigroch on

    does anyone ever think that maybe nasa has made contact and that the aliens are actually forcing nasa to deceive us? I’m not trying to defend nasa or anything. it’s just a question.

  41. Ancyent Fathoms on

    She’s turning and looking at a piece of paper stuck to the wall on the right of her. It’s a body turn, not a shifting of the eyes. It’s not avoidance, she’s actually reading something. The smiles are polite people’s way of indulging a question beneath them, frankly, one that they’ve likely fielded hundreds of times before.

    No mention of the piece of paper. Confirmation bias Tyler.

  42. dominic barbas on

    Hi Guys hear is a idea what you might like. Proof of aliens are hear just as we are hear with out a dout. Maths is the truth. One can not exist with out two.
    Now what if we could communicate with Aliens as we know there are. Here is how i understand it the higher self has the ability to connect with your past lives. First you will realise many people have been aliens in past lifes .Secoundly which really is cool you can see pattens in the future as time does not exists for the higher self including Future EVENTS. QHHT image this if some of our lifes we where the aliens and we where able to connet with them hear and now. Yes we would be able to remember and keep this in our own reality. then it would not be about Aliens any more as we would be in communication with them at any time. Love light and the truth. just image.

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