Mysterious Space UFOs Make Themselves Known! Researcher Stunned 8/15/16

Full Crop-circle video:
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  1. Devilikg on

    this shit is crazy, how some people don’t believe in aliens, or even if those are not extraterrestrial then it could be some military project

  2. Snowstorm -(*-*)/- on

    hey secureteam10 or anyone does anyone know the music around 20:06-21:58 I’m curious to know what the name of the music is called please

  3. Waizwaid Arenosa on

    Okay Tyler, I am only commenting to let you know that I am watching you – err – your videos that is, Good luck with Sophie.

  4. mike mike on

    you said you spoke with the gentleman that sent you this footage?! How can I talk with you about this ” cube” I have an encounter as well all though is was quite different but this cube is being linked to some pretty bizzare things. I am not a wacko!! I am an Electrical Engineer and what I saw last Christmas night has haunted my thoughts and memories. It was 4-5 hours of really scary happenings and pretty much ended with this “thing” holding a 3-D cube in the palm of its hand and the cube was spinninh in circles..There is much more to this but I already sound crazy enough and would like to continue the events of that evening on the phone with you!!

  5. Mike Becker on

    They leak it cause they know you’ll drink it. And when & if they pull it’ you’ll be conditioned well over many year’s for it….!

  6. Becky Gulla on

    Not sure if you’ve seen the crazy stuff people can do with holographic images, but this (to me) looks A LOT like one. (The big gray square in the sky with little orbs underneath). I would imagine it’s possible these days to have drones that can project images like this! (The little orbs being drones)

  7. Becky Gulla on

    Hey did you notice the long straight skinny shadow (on the left side/middle) in the Moon image (that looks kind of like a humongous prison toilet in the large crater)????? STRANGE!!!…

  8. bradberry11 on

    Hey, Tyler, you mention a few times about craft interacting with light sources on the ground. They do seem very willing to respond to bright lights pointed in their direction. We had just that occur in my back yard about 3 years ago. I live about 60 miles NE of Houston near the small town of Magnolia. I had recently bought my new home at the end of a new cul-de-sac. There was 1 other home on the street so viewing the night sky was great and we noticed strange lights right away so we made sitting in the back yard between 1-4 am part of our entertainment. On one of these nights I had my cheap point-&-shoot and was getting frustrated trying to get any pictures. I gave up after a few minutes, made sure the flash was on, stood up, raised my arm with the camera pointed upward and pushed the button. Less than a second later a single blinding flash came back that lit up my entire backyard like daylight (about an acre). My roommate and her 32 yr old daughter started screaming and running for the back door. I tried calming them by yelling “Hey! they’re just waving back!!” We didn’t hear anything and all we saw was the flash but we couldn’t tell which direction it came from. Not much of an event, but I won’t forget it.
    Thanks for the great site and videos…Well done!

  9. AlecinMD on

    Very interesting .i really wouldn’t play games with a laser to get attention from some unknown , what if it decided to get closer to you ! lol I’m not sure about the moon ,I don’t mean to sound rude but it looked like a bike flag as a kid I had one on my bike ..Don’t know what to think about Snowden and now the this film coming out soon. Thanks for sharing this ?

  10. eooe1 on

    The man behind this channel secureteam10 is proberbly the best guy with this stuff, he know’s what hes talking about and it makes sense everything he says. Best ufo/paranormal channel of my opinion
    Thank you secureteam10

  11. Martin Solarfs on

    Yesterday I tried shoting with a laserpointer against a star that traveled across the nightsky, suddenly it stoped and started flashing lights at me same as the guy in oaklahoma, so if you don’t believe just try it by youreself.

  12. christoph brand on

    12:23 … on the far left side , in the middle , somthing like a monolith … did you see it ? … makes a long rectangular shadow

  13. Kacavida11 on

    10:50 moon picture, middle line almost to the left of the pic there is a long shaddow, near the small crater, can you zoom on that ?

  14. G3TxN4STY on

    ive been checking out your ufo stuff becuase even though im a christian I wonder why jesus would make such a big universe and only add us in it.

  15. Gordon Anderson on

    good thing the Snowden thing was “bitcoin” and not payp-l or I would have thought he tried to send me some emergency rescue funds and got taken out. IF anyone is thinking of risking helping rescue me – look at the CIA statement that Ed had not released “the crown jewels of secrets” so they “let him live”. Save the cheerleader get taken down. We did try anyway, so hard, looks like we lost in every important way.

  16. Vividly on

    Someone needs to start looking into vibrations and the art they create. Some of these literally look like vibrational manipulation. Put sand on a plate, then vibrate it to the point that it makes a shape. Seriously. As i’m starting to understand everything, im realizing that vibration has A LOT to do with the older technologies.

  17. Bluesgod King of Blues on

    Keep it up Secure Team 10 I’ve been getting alot of people into this stuff going on hey man we all can’t be crazy something is happening that is a fact

  18. Adam Quinton on

    There is a building or tower looking structure with a shadow on the left in the moon clip…i thought thats what you meant….

  19. short sighteddog on

    Its very common for these craft to reply to our Lasers. Its a form of communication between us and advanced aliens. Yet theres ppl that would NEVER accept this and post how these are DEMONS and Devils that are evil. Yeah right!

  20. Jack-o-Chica on

    the 1st video honestly has a rly cute concept,,,,,, like u shine a light at the aliens and theyre just shine back at u,,,, like,,, theyre trying their best,,,, and i am proud

  21. BigG on

    As previously stated these crop circles are intrinsically linked to the Mayan calendar and others, and are not manmade. They appear over night and are perfectly formed. Smoking gun evidence of e.ts and our links to a massive unknown history of our planet.

  22. Andrew Gonzales on

    It’s looks like there’s something floating above the crop circle as the drone is observing overhead around the final 56 to 54 seconds of the video! ?

  23. Mizter Criztopher on

    6:27 Looks as if the second object had that grey piece projected out holographic style.. If that is the case, than it can be put in the public test phase category.
    If Extra-T, then it is frakin fantastic. ? And good.
    Nobody got hurt in the end at least.. ?

  24. The Praetor on

    Just wondering…I was looking at the pics of the moon and it just struck me…After the first moon landing, Armstrong was asked in a BBC interview whether he could see the stars while on the moon, he said no he couldn’t. Well from the picture you showed it is quite obviously clearly visible

  25. Dustin Wheatley on

    As for the clip where the cube or “square” appears, that was clearly a teleportation event. What was brought in, I can’t even begin to speculate. BUT I have seen these things before.

  26. OLD TITAN on

    As far as snowden goes he would only need to keep that tweet out long enough for whoever he wanted to see it then pull it down ,deletion solved…

  27. Leonard Kislavage on

    I cant wait until everyone has contact so that my family can stop telling me im nuts ive been in a ship I cant remember a lot but I remember taking off in the alley behind my house and flying over my town I used to look up at the stars and ask them to come get me because I was an unhappy child in a bad circumstance and they did come like they answered me when I called

  28. dawning ofdesire on

    A true Intellectual is spiritually alighned as well. Which one? Well, the one that always wins of course. And the one that always wins is the one that is ONLY one, the one that has outlasted them all. Us all…Awsome, God, oh Super, Supreme, Ultimate, Greatest Creative energy, my Wife/Husband. Did you know, (of coarse you all do!) that all the E.T.s also believe in a monolithic spiritual energy, creator.

  29. Vonda Hartsock-Oneil on

    Ahh Snowden…Reminds me of something John Candy said in “Uncle Buck”…(paraphrased) I’ll give you a quarter and you can go down town and have a rat chew that thing off your neck 😉


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